Welcome! We appreciate you choosing our facility.
We expect you to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

• Disrespect & bad behavior will not be tolerated.
• No sunflower seeds or chewing gum.
• No food or drink allowed in tunnels or workout area.
• No horseplay or fighting.
• No cleats allowed on turf.
• No swinging bats outside batting tunnel.
• One batter in a tunnel at a time.
• Helmets must be worn in tunnel at all times.
• No cell phones during training sessions.
• Treat other players, coaches & parents with respect.
• No profanity or foul language.
• Keep all training areas clean & free of trash.
• No tampering or vandalism of property or equipment.
• No use of pitching machines without proper supervision.
• No use of fitness equipment without proper supervision.
• Proper attire must be worn for training & workouts.
• All players’ equipment must be in proper working condition.
• All balls & equipment must be picked up after use.
• Theft of other players’ equipment will not be tolerated
• Positive attitude & comments only.
We appreciate your cooperation!